About us

Welcome, Share, Meet, Stories, Travels…are our “Art de Vivre”.

We, big pasionnate of Travelling, Cooking and Wine, Antique and Collection, we had had the chance to meet diverses population in Europe and Asia and we acquired a large Intercultural experience!

We speak French, English and mircette birth control buy. Spanish (fluently) and we are using Dutch and Russian language.

The only pleasure we have is to welcome you at home, your Home !

http://22.vlsadik.ru/?p=3464 To see our courses, known and hiden talents.

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Nous 2 salibet.


Maurice, 48, 20 years spent with HoReCa chanel throughout the world, starting as fishmonger and achieving the Fresh Food Buying Director position in the International HoReCa group.

Get a degree in Commerce and a Ai?? Master Business Administration and Business International Ai??.

Passionnate of Gastronomy, Wine, Fresh Products from “Terroir” and the last but not How much does depo provera cost in canada least like to meet people .


Sylviane, 44, invested herself in our 3 children education and also took care of our succeeding integration throughout the world. Proud to have our children succeeding at school and speaking 3 languages.

Get a Master of Administration in Social & Economy and get a D.E.S.S. in Work rights and Staff management.

Passionnate of Art and Indoor Decoration.