Sculptures (wood, bronze,…)

The sculptures are available mainly from Ratha.
The Ratha carts are Indian commemoration, it is a term of Sanskrit origin meaning “chariot”, near the French and Latin rota wheel.
In a first direction derivative, Ratha means a chariot procession carrying the deity of a temple at parties, in a climate of great religious fervor, with an accompaniment of chants and mantras. After many months of size in hardwoods, Ratha was ready for the procession and the total cremation.
These tanks with large wheels are made ai??i??ai??i??of local wood, several species such as teak, mango and chechen. They are drawn by horses, elephants and men.
The Ratha have now been missing for over 150 years. Some vestiges of the XVIII and XIX were saved and still retain traces of oils and fires.
These are unique and rare.
Recognize a Ratha and its value:
1 – Price Entry (-500Euros): An ornament, flower, decoration
2 – Price Average (500 to 2500 Euros): an animal, a person
3 – High price, rare (from 2500 to10000 Euros): a god and ornamemnt with an animal, or all three. If polychrome (or even traces) is on top, well done!

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  • oiseau_rouge_300
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  • Tete de profil Yali
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